If you were under the assumption that you can’t ever be banned from WhatsApp, then that’s not true. 

WhatsApp can ban your phone number from using the application. And if your WhatsApp account has been banned, then you may be getting the “Your phone number {Number} is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”

Or if it’s a temporary ban, then you may be seeing a countdown timer, which acts as a warning. That’s how much you have to wait before you can access your chats or access your WhatsApp account again.

Whether it’s a permanent or a temporary ban, the thing is – WhatsApp doesn’t inform users of the reason behind it. 

Maybe you misused the Broadcast List feature. 

Or maybe you were not using the official WhatsApp application.

Whatever the reason, if your WhatsApp account has been banned, you probably violated their Terms of Service.  

To help you understand why exactly your WhatsApp account was banned, we’ve put together the five BIG reasons why WhatsApp bans people from using the application. At the same time, I’ll show you how to recover your WhatsApp account. 

Throughout this blog post, we’ll be covering:

The 2 Types of WhatsApp Ban

Not all WhatsApp bans are permanent. Some are temporary suspensions as well and act as a warning for users or business accounts. Following are the two types of WhatsApp Account Bans you need to know about:

Temporary Suspensions

If your WhatsApp account has been suspended temporarily, then you may be seeing a counter like this while trying to access WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Temporary Suspension

That’s the amount of time you have to wait before your temporary WhatsApp account suspension is lifted and you’re able to access your account yet again.

These suspensions usually last anywhere around 24-72 hours. However, depending on the seriousness of the violation, it may take days before your ban is lifted. Think of it as a warning – and in the near future if you keep on violating WhatsApp Terms of Service, then your account may be banned permanently.

According to WhatsApp, “If you received an in-app message stating that your account is temporarily banned, then it means that you are probably using an unsupported version of the application or are suspected of harvesting information in unacceptable ways.”

And if that’s the case, we’d advise you to either switch to the official application or stop using any automatic tools or manual methods for scraping information.

Permanent Suspensions

If you have been banned permanently on WhatsApp, you crossed a line that you shouldn’t have – according to WhatsApp Terms of Service. Sometimes – if many people report your account, then it may result in a permanent suspension.

You may receive a message like:


We have reason to believe your account activity has violated our Terms of Service and decided to keep your account banned. We received a large number of complaints about your account and to protect our users’ privacy, we won’t disclose the nature of the complaints.”

Worst case scenario – they may ban your WhatsApp business account as well. Usually, WhatsApp doesn’t ban accounts permanently unless it’s a repeated violation.

This means – they mostly ban user accounts only after users have violated their Terms of Service two or three or more times in a row. However, if the WhatsApp team detects something illegal, then they may not roll out a temporary suspension.

5 BIG Reasons Why Your WhatsApp Account May Have Been Banned

Following are the five big reasons why WhatsApp bans its users:

Not Using the Official Application

In WhatsApp’s “How to use WhatsApp responsibly and get help for banned accounts” video, the first thing the WhatsApp dev team has mentioned – that gets too many users banned is – that they don’t use the official application downloaded from Play Store, App Store or their official website.

If you are not using the official version of WhatsApp, then that’s the reason why your account has been banned. My advice to you would be to switch to the official version of the application as soon as possible.

Misusing Broadcast Lists Feature

Want to roll out wedding invitations? 

Or maybe want to invite people to your birthday party? 

Maybe, you want to wish them “Happy Holidays.”

People, these days, are using broadcast lists to inform their friends and family members about events and celebrations. Alongside this, they use the broadcast lists feature to wish people – without having to roll out messages to every single person on their WhatsApp contact list individually. 

BUT – if WhatsApp found you misusing this feature, then that may be the reason why your account was banned.

Scraping Information

One of the big reasons why WhatsApp temporarily bans accounts is information scraping. If you were suspected of harvesting information with an automated or manual tool, then that’s the reason why your account was temporarily banned.

Using manual or automated tools to extract information of users in any way, including user profile pictures, phone numbers, statuses, and more is against WhatsApp Terms of Service. And if you have been using a scraping tool to extract user information, stop doing it today.

Don’t Add People to Group Prior to Having Their Permission

According to WhatsApp, adding people to groups without their consent is a serious violation. And if you have been adding people to groups without their permission, then WhatsApp may have suspected this and banned your account.

So – a good practice is to save the number you want to add to a group on your phone before adding them. Adding unknown contacts to a WhatsApp group may result in your account getting banned permanently. At the same time, if WhatsApp finds users creating too many groups, then it may result in a ban as well.

Sending Unsolicited Promotional Messages

If you were sending promotional messages to unknown numbers, then that may be the reason why your WhatsApp account was banned. Let’s say you are a part of a networking group in your neighborhood. If you hop onto the group and start sending mindless promotional messages to people who you don’t even know, then WhatsApp may ban your account.

How to Recover Your Banned WhatsApp Account

Whether your WhatsApp account has been banned temporarily or permanently, if you want to recover it as soon as possible, then you can contact WhatsApp technical support – [email protected].

Or you can just reinstall the application and tap on the support option that you may be able to see when you launch the application for the first time. 

If your account has been temporarily banned, then you may wait for the block period to be up. 

However, if your account has been permanently suspended, then there’s no guarantee that you will be able to recover it. If the WhatsApp team finds out that your account was banned mistakenly, then they may restore your account.

Otherwise, you may have to bid farewell to your WhatsApp account.

If you are using an unofficial version of the application, let’s say GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, then it’s advisable to save your chat history before switching to the official application. Click HERE to learn how to save your chat history on these apps.