About Technometer

Remember when you used to head over to your nearest internet or cyber café and spent hours interacting with your friends on Facebook?

Or to play your favourite games?

The time when nobody knew about cryptocurrency.

That’s what I and my friends like to call the “Golden Days.”

Nostalgia hits hard, doesn’t it?

And since then, we haven’t looked back – like ever.

From Six Degrees (the first-ever social media platform) to Facebook (the game-changer) to Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, we’ve come a long way ahead.

We’ve seen games evolve from GTA San Andreas to GTA V.

We’ve seen the cryptocurrency market reach tremendous heights.

Despite coming a long way forward, chances are that you may be facing technical difficulties with something.

Trust me – I face technical difficulties all the time.

Other times, you may want to turn off a certain feature yet don’t know how to do so.

The possibilities are endless.

And while you may hop onto an individual platform’s Help Center or scrap the internet – the problem is these help centres don’t offer tips in an engaging and straightforward manner.

It’s all text – no visuals.

And sometimes, it may get so confusing that you may end up uninstalling the application.

At Technometer, we get it.

What makes us unique?

We want to help you out with your problems.

Whether you’re facing a technical difficulty related to Facebook or are confused about something related to cryptocurrency, we’re here.

We’re not in it for the money. It’s our side project and we’re doing it just because we love creating high-quality content that actually delivers value.

We’d love nothing more than for you to join our journey.

At Technometer, we welcome everyone with open arms.

Welcome onboard!