Wondering how to delete your YouTube channel directly from your smartphone without having to go through the trouble of booting up your laptop?

Look no further! 

Whatever the reason you’re looking forward to deleting your YouTube channel, I’ll show you how to delete a YouTube channel right from within your smartphone.

It’s not simple – even if you head over to YouTube settings on your smartphone application, there’s no option to delete the channel. On Desktop, you can head over to YouTube settings, click on “Advanced Settings” and delete your YouTube channel from right there.

But on smartphones, rather than doing it from your YouTube or YouTube Studio mobile application, you need to perform the steps on the browser.

Throughout this blog post, I’ll be shedding light on how to delete a YouTube channel in phone.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel in Phone in 2022

Follow these steps to delete a YouTube channel in phone:

Switch to Desktop Site on Chrome

Earlier it was possible to delete a YouTube channel directly from within YouTube from the Help & Feedback center. But that’s not possible anymore since you can’t really head over to Advanced Settings right from within the application.

To head over to Advanced Settings, you need to launch YouTube on Google Chrome on your smartphone. And that’s what we’ll be doing now.

Switch to Desktop Site on Chrome

The first step is to launch Google Chrome on your smartphone. In the top-right corner, click on the three-dotted-vertical line. As soon as you do, you’ll see numerous options like:

  • New tab
  • New incognito tab
  • History
  • Downloads
  • Bookmarks
  • Recent tabs
  • Share
  • Find in page
  • Translate
  • Add to Home screen
  • Desktop Site
  • Settings
  • Help & feedback

Usually, the Desktop Site option is turned off, by default. Here we need to turn it on to launch the desktop version of YouTube right from within the smartphone. 

Head Over to Your Channel’s YouTube Advanced Settings to Delete the Channel

Upon switching to the Desktop version, head over to www.youtube.com from your Chrome browser. Log in to your YouTube account, if you haven’t already done it on your browser.

Also, make sure that you are selecting the right channel. Otherwise, you may end up deleting the wrong channel.

Upon launching YouTube and switching to the right channel, click on your YouTube channel’s display picture. Of the different options you see in the drop-down menu, select “Settings.”

Head Over to Your Channel’s YouTube Advanced Settings to Delete the Channel

Doing so will take you to your channel’s YouTube settings. In the left-hand navigation bar, select “Advanced Settings.” It’s at the extreme bottom of the left-hand navigation bar. 

Now, from here, you can easily delete your YouTube channel by clicking on “Delete channel.”

When you click on “Delete channel,” YouTube will ask you to enter your associated Gmail account’s password. Enter your credentials. 


Upon entering your credentials and verifying your account access, YouTube will redirect you to its “Hide or delete your content from YouTube” page.

Now, here you will have two options presented in front of you:

  • I want to hide my content
  • I want to permanently delete my content

Now, if you want to just turn your videos and playlists private, then you can go with the first option. However, if you want to permanently delete your content and channel, tick-mark the boxes under the “I want to permanently delete my content” section.

Upon doing it, select “Delete my content” for confirmation.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel in Phone in 2022

And your channel will be deleted permanently.

Now, YouTube will ask you to confirm again by typing in your channel name in the box provided. 

Phew! Too complicated to delete just one channel.

Type in your channel’s name and select “Delete my content.”

It’s important to note that once you initiate the process and confirm, it won’t be possible to recover your data or anything on your channel. It’ll forever be gone.


And that’s how you can easily delete a YouTube channel from your smartphone in 2022. 

Again, as a note, I’d like to highlight that once you have deleted your channel, you’ll never be able to recover any of your content on the channel, including playlists, videos, likes, subscriptions, comments, search history, watch history or messages.


So, be really careful. 

I hope I was able to address your issue and help you out.

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