Let’s admit it – we love using Instagram. 

But as much as we love it, sometimes, it can turn out to be pretty frustrating.   

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that upon launching Instagram and trying to refresh your feed, you are getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error.

It’s frustrating – I get it.

Maybe, you tried reinstalling Instagram or clearing the cache yet weren’t successful at fixing it.

And if you tried contacting Instagram support, you may already know that there doesn’t exist one.

Technically, one exists but they’re pretty much unreachable.

So this brings us to the BIG question:

“How to fix the ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ error on Instagram?

Allow me to help you out with this one.

Throughout this article, we’ll be covering the following sections:

Why Does My Instagram Say “Couldn’t Refresh Feed?”

If you are getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error message on Instagram, here are the common reasons why this may be happening:

You Have Extremely Slow Internet

I’ve been there.

I hate my internet service provider. 

Honestly, I can’t rely on them – like ever. 

Every time I am on a client call or spend my free time using Instagram – it’s AGHHHHH – “Couldn’t Refresh Feed.”

And the reason in my case – my internet connection is extremely slow.

Maybe I am unlucky. Or my ISP just sucks.

If your internet connection is slow, then Instagram will obviously be unable to download the latest photos as well as videos while you try to refresh your feed.

And maybe that’s the reason why you’re getting the message “Couldn’t Refresh Feed.”

Instagram Servers are Down

instagram server down

Even though Instagram is owned by Meta and helps the company generate billions of dollars in revenue, at the end of the day, it’s just an application.

So, there’ll always be bugs and instability. Don’t expect it to be perfect.

Maybe the reason why you’re getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error is – Instagram servers are down.

And over the course of the last few years, this has happened numerous times.

So, if you are getting the error message, try contacting your friends via other platforms and ask them:

“Hey bud! Is Instagram down for you as well?”

Also, you can just hop onto Twitter (which most people love doing when an application like Instagram is down), and type in hashtags like #instagram or #instagramdown. 

If people are facing the same issue, chances are that they are already tweeting about it.

Or you can check Instagram’s official account or their PR team Twitter account as well.

Another great way to check whether Instagram servers are down or not is by using Down Detector.

Your Instagram Application is Not Updated

Instagram rolls out updates to its platforms on a regular basis. And if you are currently using an outdated version of the application, you’ll obviously face some performance issues.

The chances of this happening are pretty slim – if you didn’t update it for a month or five.

But if it has been a year or two since you last updated Instagram, you need to do it immediately.

The Date & Time on Your Phone are Incorrect

If you are getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” message on Instagram, maybe the date and time on your mobile device are wrong. The thing about Instagram is that it usually syncs the time and date with your mobile device’s time and date.

So, if your mobile’s time and date settings are out of sync with the real ones, you may face the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error.

This means – if the actual date and time are – 17th January 2022 and the time is 13:51, yet your mobile shows 5th August, 2010, 08:01, then you may face the error. 

WORST CASE SCENARIO – Instagram Has Blocked Your Actions

Any application out there – they’d want to keep their platform clean. Similarly, Instagram consistently monitors user behavior. And if they find your actions against their Community Guidelines & TOS – they may either restrict or suspend your account.

One of the big mistakes most people and businesses make during the early stages – to get more followers – is that they like and comment on peoples’ posts mindlessly. And if Instagram considers your actions to be spam or if you get reported, then they’ll restrict your activities. 

Some people or businesses even use third-party applications or automation tools for liking and commenting purposes. And Instagram is really strict against the usage of these tools. So if you use a third-party app or automation tool, maybe Instagram blocked you temporarily – which may be the reason why you’re getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error.


So – how to solve the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error?

Allow me to share some relevant and proven solutions.

How to Fix the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error Message on Instagram?

Honestly, the fix for this depends on the problem, so let’s try to understand how you can fix this error for different problems:

If Your Internet Connection is Slow, You Need to Switch to a Better Connection

Fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed switch network

Gone are the days when Instagram was just a photos sharing platform. Now, you can share videos, reels, long-form videos, and much more – which may end up consuming too much of your data.

So, if your internet connection is slow, you need to switch to a better connection. If you are accessing it on Public Network in a restaurant, it’s important to note that public networks are usually overloaded with many devices connected to them. 

Try switching to mobile data or private Wi-Fi – which may solve the issue.

If Instagram Servers are Down, JUST WAIT!

If Instagram servers are down, honestly you can’t do anything here. Your only option is to wait it out. If you are getting the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error message as a result of this problem, wait for the servers to get back up.

Look for any updates from the official Instagram or Instagram PR team’s Twitter accounts.

Or just look for hashtags like #instagram or #instagramdown on Twitter and you’ll see a world full of people sharing their updates.

But – if it’s some kind of glitch that only you’re facing, I’d still advise you to wait it out. Sometimes, it happens. And try waiting for 24 hours – if it’s still not solved, then maybe you’re facing a completely different issue.

Meanwhile, if it’s not an issue from Instagram’s end, try applying the other tactics.

If Your Instagram is Outdated, Update it

Not everyone updates his/her mobile applications on a regular basis. And most people don’t even set it to “Automatic Updates.”

So, if you haven’t updated your Instagram application for more than 6 months or well over a year (or if a major update has been rolled out), then I’d advise you to head over to the Google Play or Apple App Store and update your application.

If the error message “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” still appears, maybe it’s something else.

If Date & Time are Wrong, Fix Them on Your Mobile Device

Change date and time fix instagram

To fix this issue, follow the steps I’ve listed down for you. 

How to Set Date & Time to Automatic on Android Devices:

  • Head over to “Settings.”
  • Select “Date & Time.”
  • Turn on “Automatic”

How to Set Date & Time to Automatic on iPhone Devices:

  • Head over to “Settings.”
  • Keep scrolling until you see “General.”
  • Select “General.”
  • Select “Date & Time.”
  • Turn on “Set Automatically.”

Once you’ve done it, try refreshing your Instagram feed. 

If it’s fixed, HURRAH! 

But if not, maybe try using another device.

Try Using Other Device

The last resort is to log in to your Instagram account via another mobile device or desktop. 

First, I’d advise using it on desktop. 

Log in to your Instagram account in incognito mode. 

And if the issue still appears on Desktop, maybe it’s a completely different issue. 

On the other hand, if the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error message doesn’t appear, it’s a problem with your mobile device. 

To fix this on your mobile device, I’d advise you to try clearing the cache. 

And if any of these fixes didn’t work for you, maybe Instagram has just restricted your account due to a TOS violation. And if you’ve used a third-party app or automation tool, that’s definitely the case.


The “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error is frustrating – I get it.

And if you want to minimize the chances of you getting this error, you can prevent it by:

  • Stopping the Use of Third-Party Apps or Automation Tools
  • Setting Your Mobile Applications Update to “Automatic” or Regularly Updating Your Instagram Application Manually
  • Setting “Date & Time” of your Mobile Device to Automatic.

To sum it all up, following may be the reasons you may be facing the “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” error on Instagram:

  • Your Internet Connection is Extremely Slow
  • Instagram Servers are Down
  • Your Instagram Application is Out of Date
  • Your Date & Time are Wrong
  • WORST CASE SCENARIO – Instagram Have Blocked Your Actions

And I genuinely hope I was able to help you fix it.