Want to change your region in Instagram?

Maybe you live in California and would like to change it to New York?

Or maybe you want to go ahead and change the continent – from the United States to Japan.

Some people do it to change the content in their Instagram Explore Section. Whereas some do it to access Instagram Reels – as Instagram Reels is not yet available worldwide. 

Don’t worry – throughout this blog post, I’ll teach you how to change your region in Instagram.

At the same time, I’ll also show you how to reset your location. Lastly, we’ll also see how to change your business’s address.

Without waiting further, let’s dive into it straight away.

How to Change Your Region in Instagram in 2022

Instagram users can change their region in Instagram using the Fake GPS mobile application. Whether you want to change your region or country, you can easily do it from within Fake GPS. Following are the steps you should follow to change your region in Instagram:

Download & Install Fake GPS

First, we’ll install the Fake GPS application from Play Store. To do this, search “Fake GPS” in Play Store’s search bar and hit Enter. As soon as you do, you’ll see the listing titled “Fake GPS location.”

Click on it. Or you can directly click HERE to head over to the Play Store listing. 

How to Install Fake GPS in 2022

Select “Install” and wait for the Play Store to download and install the application on your Android device. Prior to launching the application, head over to your phone’s settings.

Look up “Location” under your phone’s settings. Make sure that the location service on your phone is turned on. If not, you can turn it on from within the “Location” section.

Now, under your phone’s settings, head over to the “About Phone” section – which you’ll find at the bottom. The next step is to turn on the developer mode. Tap on “Build Number” for six times to activate the developer mode on your Android device.

Now from within Settings, head over to the developer mode. Under “Developer Options,” look up “Select mock location app.”

How to Change Your Region in Instagram in 2022

Now, under “Select mock location app,” we’ll set the application as “Fake GPS.” This will help us make sure that the location we’re setting in Fake GPS is considered as phone’s default location.

Select “Fake GPS” under “Select mock location app.”

Once done, it’s time to configure and set the location in “Fake GPS.”

Change the Region in Instagram

Launch Fake GPS to change your region in Instagram. Now, if the application asks your permission, you can go ahead and grant it. 

I reside in India and would like to change my location to Spain.

How to Change Instagram Region

So, what I’ll do is – inside the application, I’ll set my location as “Spain” and hit the green play button. As soon as you do, your device’s location will be changed to Spain.

Now, let’s hop onto Instagram and try adding a post. From there, under the location section, we’ll be able to confirm whether Instagram recognizes Spain as our location.

And there you see it – it’s Spain.


NOTE – To actually change my location, I had to clear the Instagram cache. And you may have to do the same.

Congratulations – you have successfully changed your region in Instagram. Now, if you want to revert back to your actual location, you can set the “Select mock location app” as Default under Developer mode. 

However, even after doing that, if you are not able to change your location, you can reset your location by:

  1. Reinstalling Instagram
  2. Clearing Instagram Cache
  3. Deleting Your Login Activity from Profile -> Settings ->Security -> Login Activity
  4. Setting Your Business Address Right
  5. Tagging the Correct Location While Uploading a Post

If any of the above methods don’t work for you, I’d advise you to contact Instagram Support.

Now, lastly, if you want to change your business’s location in Instagram, allow me to help you out.

How to Change Your Instagram Business Region in 2022

To change your business region in Instagram, firstly it’s important to make sure that your Instagram account type isn’t set as personal. It’s important to set your Instagram account as Professional. And when you do that, you can easily change your Instagram business region from your profile.

To change your business region in Instagram, follow these steps:

Head over to your Instagram profile. Now, as we mentioned before, it’s pretty important to make sure that your account type is set as Professional. And if your Instagram account type is professional, click on “Edit Profile.” 

From there, select “Contact Options.”

How to Change Your Instagram Business Region in 2022

Under “Contact Options,” you’ll see many options:

  • Business email
  • Business phone number
  • Business address
  • WhatsApp business phone number
  • Display contact info

Select Business address.

From here, you can add your:

  • Street address
  • City/town
  • ZIP Code

And that’s how you can add your business’s location or change your business region in Instagram in 2022.


Changing your Instagram location is a bit complicated – as we saw in the above-mentioned section. And while you can do it using Fake GPS, it’s advisable to be cautious – as frequently changing your location may result in a temporary or maybe a permanent.

If your Instagram account has been disabled, learn how to recover it from HERE.

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