Wondering how to clear YouTube cache on either your desktop or your smartphone in 2022? 

YouTube Cache is nothing but a reserved storage location responsible for collecting temporary data, allowing YouTube to load faster. It’s pretty limited and can fill up at a lightning-fast pace.  

And while it may be slowing down your phone, if there’s some kind of problem you’re facing with YouTube, chances are that you’ve been told to erase your YouTube app cache.

Don’t worry! Whatever the reason is – I’d love nothing more than to show you how you can clear your YouTube cache on both desktop and smartphones.

But before we do that, allow me to explain how caches work exactly.

How Do Caches Work on YouTube?

Here’s how caches work:

  • You visit a website – here, in this case, it’s YouTube.
  • The browser will send an HTTP request to the web cache.
  • If the requested object is already stored in the web cache, then the web cache will throw the object. Otherwise, the web cache will request this object from the origin server (YouTube) and send a response to the browser.
  • Now, if this object is cacheable, then the web-cache will retain its copy so the next step it doesn’t have to request the same object from the origin server.

And that’s how cache works. Some of the BIG benefits of caches include:

  • Helps reduce bandwidth consumption
  • Reduces access latency 
  • Reduces web cache’s workload
  • Leads to the pages loading faster

However, its major disadvantage is that it can slow down your device or could result in problems with the application. Hence, it’s a good practice to clear cache from time to time.

That’s the reason, I’ll now be showing you how to clear YouTube cache on both Desktop and smartphones in 2022.

Let’s first look at how to do it on Desktop.

How to Clear YouTube Cache on Desktop in 2022?

The steps are somewhat different for different browsers. However, since a majority of people use Chrome, I’ll be showing you the exact steps you need to follow to clear YouTube cache on Chrome on Desktop in 2022:

Launch Chrome & Head Over to Clear Browsing Data

Now, the first step is to launch your Chrome application. When you’ve launched it, the next step is to click on the three vertical dotted lines in the top-right corner of the browser. 

Launch Chrome & Head Over to Clear Browsing Data

As you click on it, a drop-down menu will open with numerous options like:

  • New Tab
  • New Incognito Tab
  • New Window
  • History
  • More tools
  • And more!

To clear YouTube cache on Chrome, you need to select “More tools.” As soon as you do, another drop-left menu will open in front of you with the following options:

  • Save Page As
  • Create Shortcut
  • Name Window
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Extensions 
  • Task Manager
  • Developer Tools

To clear the cache, click on “Clear Browsing Data.”

Clear the Cache

Now, a pop-up window will launch in front of you, giving you an option to choose from basic or advanced settings. Now, here, since clearing cache is just a basic option, we’ll stick to basic.

How to Clear YouTube Cache on Desktop in 2022?

At the top, you can select the time range – which includes:

  • Last hour
  • Last 24 hours
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 4 weeks
  • All time

Choose a time range. If you want to delete everything, you can just set it to “All time.”

Now, if you want to clear cached images and files on Chrome, you can just tick the “Cached images and file” option. Just below the name, you’ll also be able to see how much memory these cached images and files are already consuming. So, if you clear the cache, that’s the amount of memory you will be able to free up.

Once you have tick-marked “Cached images and files,” select “Clear data.”

And you’re done. Chrome will automatically clear the cache for you.

Now, let’s learn how you can do it on mobile phones.

How to Clear YouTube Cache on Mobile Phones?

The steps are almost the same for Android and iPhone. So, let’s learn how you can clear YouTube cache on mobile phones:

Launch Chrome on Your Mobile Phone & Head Over to History

Visit Clear Browsing Data

Again – just like we did on desktop, you need to launch Chrome, click on the three-dotted vertical line in the top-right corner. On mobile, you’ll see many options like:

  • New tab
  • New incognito tab
  • History
  • Downloads 
  • Bookmarks
  • Recent tabs
  • Share
  • And more!

To clear YouTube cache on your mobile phone, click on “History.” As soon as you do, you will see your history with the option “Clear browsing data” above. Click on it.

Clear Cache

Just like on desktop, you’ll see Basic and Advanced options here as well. Since we don’t really need to clear anything advanced, we’ll stick to the Basic option.

How to Clear YouTube Cache on Mobile Phones?

Select the time range for which cache you’d like to clear. And just below, you’ll have the following options:

  • Browsing history
  • Cookies and site data
  • Cached images and files

Since we want to clear cache on our smartphone, we’ll tick-mark “Cached images and file.”

Once you have done it, select “Clear data” in the bottom-right corner. And you’re done. 

While we’ve done it on Chrome, you can also do it for YouTube mobile application with ease. 


Congratulations! You’ve successfully cleared cache on your computer or smartphone. I hope I was able to answer your query. And if I were, don’t forget to drop a like and leave your valuable comment.

Thanks for reading!