Did you find a really cool Instagram video post or reel that you badly want to share as your WhatsApp status or directly send it to your friends across platforms other than Instagram?

The bad news is – Instagram doesn’t allow users to download anything posted by anyone. But – there’s a turnaround.

Throughout this blog post, I’ll show you how to convert and download just about any Instagram video to MP4. And by any – I genuinely mean any. You can do it for both public and private profiles.

It’s pretty straightforward – so without wasting any time, let me show you how. Following are the steps we’ll be covering:

How to Convert Instagram Video to MP4 &
Download it Straight to Your Device?

If you have never been able to convert an Instagram video to MP4 and download it on your device yet have always wanted to do so, this blog post is all you need.

There are many online Instagram Video to MP4 converters you’ll find upon doing a quick search on Google. Some of them are:

And while you can try any of them, in this blog post, I’ll show you how to use InstagramSave to convert Instagram video to MP4.

How to Download Instagram Video Post with InstagramSave?

Step I: Do a quick Google search “instagram video to mp4” and you’ll see InstagramSave ranking at the top. I don’t know if it’ll still be at the top two years from now, but while writing this blog post, it was. Or just click HERE Now, here the platform will ask you to paste the video link.

Step II: If you don’t have the link, visit the Instagram video post or reel you’d like to convert to MP4 and download to your device.

Next to the post, you’ll see three vertical dots – which you need to click on now. If you want to download the reel, it’s the same exact thing you need to do. Now, upon clicking on the three vertical dots, you’ll see many options, of which you need to choose “Copy Link.” Now, this is the link you need to paste in InstagramSave.

convert instagram video to mp4 online

Select “Copy Link” and paste it on InstagramSave.

Step VI: Once you have pasted the link, select “Download.” The platform will automatically process your request and in a matter of seconds. Here, click on download. As soon as you do, your request will be processed and your MP4 video will automatically be downloaded on your device.

convert instagram video to mp4 online

Congratulations, you successfully converted your Instagram video into MP4 and downloaded it on your device. Now, you can share it with anybody off Instagram.

Can I Convert Instagram Videos of Private Profiles into MP4 & Download it on My Device?

If the profile is private, you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to achieve the results by replicating the same exact steps. Let’s learn whether we can do it or not.

NOTE – For educational purposes, we set our technometer.co Instagram account to Private and uploaded this video post.

And since we need the link, we’ll be copying it directly from our technometer.co account.

Head over to the video or reel published by someone whose Instagram profile is set to “Private.” If you don’t follow that person, then you need to ask someone who follows them to share the link with you.

Copy the Link. Paste it on InstagramSave.

how to convert ig video to mp4

Select “Download Insta Video.”

Now, I waited for the results to process yet didn’t find anything. So – you can’t download private profile Instagram videos easily. 


How to Convert Instagram Videos of Private Profiles into MP4 & Download it on My Device?

You can download Instagram video posts or reels of private profiles as well yet there’s a different platform for it. Click HERE to visit Private Video Downloader.

Copy the link of the video post or reel you’d like to download. Paste it in the Private Video Downloader. Select “Generate” – guess they have made a spelling mistake.

Now, a link will automatically be generated below.

how to convert ig video to mp4

Copy this link and paste it on your browser’s new tab. I did the same. Now, you’ll be able to see a world full of text right in front of you.

Now, copy this text and head back to the Private Video Downloader.

Paste all the content in the “Paste the Copied Text Below & Click on “Download Button” section.

As you do, select “Download.” Now, you’ll probably be redirected to a new page, where you can view/download the video. I selected “Download.”

If you select ‘View’, the video post or reel will open in a new tab. If you select ‘Download’, it’ll be downloaded automatically. Hurrah! You have now downloaded the video post or reel from a private profile.


I hope I’ve helped you solve your problem and delivered value. I love doing this – and stay tuned for more posts like this.

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