Growing frustrated with people consistently deleting their sent messages on WhatsApp?

I understand. 

It’s definitely annoying.

First introduced in 2017, WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone” feature initially allowed the sender to delete message(s) for everyone within 7 minutes of sending it. But soon, the limit was increased to an hour.

As of this writing, you can delete WhatsApp messages for everyone within an hour of sending them. 

But in the near future, if the reports are to be believed, the time limit will be increased by WhatsApp.

It’s a good feature for people wanting to unsend their messages on WhatsApp.

But for receivers, it can turn out to be pretty frustrating.

And I get it.

While there’s no official way to recover these deleted messages, there are some third-party apps that you can use to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on Android in 2022.

Throughout this blog post, we’ll cover how to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp on Android Devices in 2022.

How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp on Android Devices in 2022?

NOTE – While you can use these third-party applications and the App and Play stores are filled with dozens of such applications, it’s important to think twice before installing any – as you’ll have to grant these applications different levels of permissions.

Don’t worry – I’ve been using an application called “WAMR” for months – and, in my opinion, it’s safe to use. But – I’d advise you to test it yourself. 

Follow these exact steps to read deleted messages on WhatsApp on Android devices in 2022:

Install WAMR on Google Play Store

The first thing we’ll do is head over to Play Store and install the “WAMR” application.

This application will help you recover deleted messages and files from your notifications.

To head over to the Play Store, just type in “Play Store” in your search bar or just launch it the way you always do.

Once you have launched Play Store, the next step is to look up the “WAMR” mobile application. 

NOTE – There are dozens of applications just like this. But, I’d recommend WAMR – as I’ve personally used it to recover my notifications. At the same time, it’s important to note that WhatsApp constantly updates its application – so if this app turns out to be useless at any given point in time, I’ll update the article. If I don’t – feel free to reach out to me via the Comments section.

How to Install WAMR to Recover WhatsApp chats?

Either you can search WAMR and head over to the application page on Play Store yourself. Or you can just click HERE to head over to the application in the Play Store. 

Now, the next step is to install the application.

Click on “Install.” 

As soon as you do, Play Store will automatically download and install the application.

Launch & Configure WAMR

Once the application is installed, click on “Open” to launch it.

Now, it’s time to configure the application.

When you launch the application, you’ll see a disclaimer.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it’s a Disclaimer that WAMR is a backup app and provides backup services for notifications. 

Select “Accept.”

Now, it’s time to configure the application.

The configuration process is super-easy and you’ll be done in seconds.

Once you accept the disclaimer, the application will welcome you.

Select the arrow key in the bottom-right corner to continue.

Now, this application doesn’t just read and display WhatsApp notifications.

You can use it for other applications as well. But here – we’ll do it just for WhatsApp.

So, now you need to select “WhatsApp.”

As you do, select the right-arrow in the bottom-right corner.

Configure WAMR

Now, you’ll be shown how the application works. Select the right arrow in the bottom-right corner.

In the next screen, if you have silenced a chat or didn’t receive a notification of it, then you won’t be able to receive a notification.

Select the right arrow in the bottom-right corner again.

Do the same in the next screen.

Now, you need to grant the following permissions:

  • Multimedia Files
  • Notification Reader

To grant Multimedia Files permission, click on “Enable” and select “Allow.”

Grant permission to WAMR

To grant Notification Reader permission, click on “Enable” next to Notification reader.

Select “WAMR.” As you can see, it’s set to “Not allowed.”

Now, here – as you can see the “Allow notification access” is turned off for WAMR.

Turn it on.

Confirm the action by selecting “Allow.”

Once you have granted access, head back to the application. 

Granting Notification Access to WAMR

And you’ll see the “Limitations” screen. This is the last step – all you need to do is select the tick-mark in the bottom-right corner and you’re done.

Now, when someone deletes a message before you even read it, then you’ll see it in WAMR.

Test It

I tried it with my friend “Technometer.”

What I did is – I asked him to send me a message and delete it instantly.

Here are the screenshots:

How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?


And that’s how you can see or read deleted messages on WhatsApp on Android devices in 2022.

As simple as that!

I’ll soon be launching another article on how you can do this on iOS devices as well as how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp without any application.

And as I publish them, I’ll add links to them here.

So – stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!