Whether you’re a gamer looking forward to making friends or a music enthusiast looking to share your jam with like-minded people like you, joining a Discord server is a great way to make online friends and be a part of a community. 

If you’re looking to join a Discord community, you may find yourself confused – as to which community you should be joining. That’s because there are more than seven million Discord servers out there.

Some are game-specific, whereas some are niche-specific. 

To join some Discord servers, you need a password.

Whereas, some are just public servers.

At the end of the day, the discord server you should join depends on what your interests are and what you’re looking for exactly.

Throughout this blog post, I’ll put in front of you a list of the largest discord servers you can join.

Let’s dive in.

For better understanding, I’ve divided this blog post into:

Let’s dive in.

Largest Discord Servers for Gamers

Following is a table comprising names and details of the largest discord servers for gamers:

Name of the ServerDescription
Genshin Impact OfficialDeveloped by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is a popular F2P, action-role playing game. The game is so popular that its discord server has already crossed the 800k members limit – which means, you’ll find it extremely hard to be a part of it. 
Also, it can be extremely challenging to join the server. But – if you do get in, you’re in for a ride. 
Minecraft Official Discord ServerWho doesn’t know about Minecraft? It’s one of the most popular games there is. And the best part is – the game has an official Discord server that you can join – where people discuss the latest Minecraft news, connect with other players and share their blocky creations. 
Also, the Discord server is filled with dozens of interesting topics like Java Mechanics, Survival Discussion, and Bedrock Mechanics. 
VALORANT Discord ServerValorant has turned out to be extremely popular in recent years, and its Discord server run by Riot Games is one of the most popular ones on the internet. It’s highly active and can get really challenging to enter. Any Valorant player from anywhere can join the Discord server – but the thing is – you need to get it – which is why you need to be really patient. 
The main language is English. There are many interesting channels you can join related to news and discussions. Also, you can join the group channels to pair with like-minded players like yourself. 
Official Rainbow 6 Discord ServerI just love Rainbow 6. IMO, it’s the most tactical game I’ve ever played and its Discord server covers both Rainbow Six – Extraction & Rainbow Six – Siege. Upon joining the Discord server, you can get your journey started by heading over to #role-assignment – where you need to add your platform to be able to access the server. 
The community is English-speaking – so literally anyone from any part of the world can access the server. You can find general discussion channels as well as specific ones. You can even find customized channels – depending on what your preference is. 
MrBeast Gaming Discord ServerAnother popular Discord server – that is usually full – so you’ll find it really hard to get in. It’s the official Discord server created and run by popular American YouTuber MrBeast and his crew.

Largest Discord Servers for Musicians, Music Artists & Creators

Whether you’re a music artist or a music enthusiast looking to connect with like-minded people in your space, allow me to put in front of you the best and largest Discord servers for musicians, music artists, and creators.

Name of the Server Description
weAreTheMusicMakersweAreTheMusicMakers is a popular Discord server that’s a part of the weAreTheMusicMakers Reddit community. It’s one of the best Discord servers for artists that create music. Here, you can discuss a wide range of topics and interact with people of any skill level that create different genres of music. You can participate in friendly competitions, give and receive feedback and do so much more.
Musician UniverseWant to discuss music creation, promotion, and lyrics + more? Musician Universe is the go-to server for many musicians out there. Want to practice your skills? You can participate in the regular music events scheduled. A few channels you should check out are #collaborate, #lyrics, #music-help and more. 
AbletonAbleton is one of the best Discord servers for music producers. This Discord server is connected with the Ableton Reddit community. This community and server revolve around music production using Ableton Live DAW.  

Click HERE to discover other amazing discord servers for musicians, music artists, and creators.

Largest Discord Servers for Studying

Want to get tips and tricks and be a part of a community to advance your learnings and hit your educational goals? You should definitely join these studying discord servers:

Name of the ServerDescription
Study TogetherStudy Together Discord server is heavily focused on laser-focused study via groups, study boot camps as well as mindfulness sessions. Want to develop a positive mindset? And a good learning attitude? Study Together is the community for you.
Calliopean ClubCalliopean Club is a Discord Server that heavily promotes self-improvement and critical thinking. It’s heavily focused on discourse and dialogue – which will help you grow on a personal level. 
The Language ZoneThe Language Zone is a Discord Server offering language lessons in numerous languages, including Turkish, Spanish, English, French, and more. Whether you’re a French native or a student from the US, you can join the free weekly language sessions. 
Learn AI TogetherLove AI? Want to be a part of the revolution? This discord server comprises more than 16,000 AI lovers – who aim to build world-class solutions revolving around the AI industry.


Being a part of a community is really important for personal and professional growth. Want to find like-minded people who love AI? Learn AI Together should be your go-to Discord server. Love music? Join the music servers we’ve put together in this blog post. 

I hope I was able to help you discover the best and largest discord servers that suit your needs and interests.

Thanks for reading!

And as always, love you guys!

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