Wondering how to share a private YouTube video with someone in 2022? 

Maybe, you want to share it with your loved ones? 

Or maybe – it’s one of your colleagues. 

It doesn’t matter who you want to share it with – YouTube allows users to upload a video on the platform and easily share it with one or more of their friends/family members/colleagues or literally anyone.

Throughout this blog post, we’ll look at how to do just that. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of private YouTube video sharing.

How to Share a Private YouTube Video in 2022?

Private YouTube videos can easily be shared directly via email by adding the emails of the attendees while uploading the videos or from YouTube studio. If you want to share an already uploaded private video, you can head over to “Content” in YouTube Studio and share it directly from there.

However, if you are yet to upload a video, I’ve listed down how you can do that.

Follow these exact steps to share a private YouTube video in 2022:

Upload the Video

If you have already uploaded a video on YouTube and set it as Private, then you may skip this step. But if you haven’t, allow me to show you how you can upload a video on YouTube in 2022.

First, to upload a YouTube video, you need to hop onto www.youtube.com. Make sure that you are logged in to your account.

Now, we’ll upload a video on YouTube and set it as private – which we’ll be further sharing.

To upload a video, click on the “Videography” icon that you can see on the right-hand side of the search bar.

How to Upload a YouTube Video in 2022?

When you click on it, you’ll see the following options:

  • Upload video
  • Go live

Here we’ll go with “Upload video.”

Upon clicking on “Upload video,” you’ll be redirected to YouTube Studio and asked to Drag and Drop the video file you’d like to upload. Either you can drag and drop the file or select the “Select Files” button to select the video file.

Now, I’ll drag and drop a video file. And as soon as I do it, YouTube will start processing the video. 

Upon uploading the video file, you need to fill the following sections:

  • Details
  • Video Elements
  • Checks
  • Visibility

In the Details section, you need to add the title of the video, Thumbnail, Playlists, confirm whether this video can be viewed by kids or not, age restriction, and more. 

YouTube Video Check while Uploading

I’ll just set the title as “Private Video” as I want to show you how to share the private video. It’s mandatory to select whether the video you’re about to upload is made for kids or not. Here, I’ll select no – just for the sake of proceeding to the next step.

Once done, select “Next.”

Skip the “Video Elements” step.

In the “Checks” section, YouTube will check the video for any potential issues which may restrict its visibility. If there are no copyright issues, then you will see a green checkbox. In that case, you may proceed forward.

Now, it’s time to set the video as Private and share it directly with the people you’d like to share it with.

Share the Video with the Recipient(s)

In the “Visibility” section, you can set the video as “Private.”

How to Share a Private YouTube Video with Someone in 2022

Under “Save or Publish,” you’ll be shown the following options:

  • Private – Only you and the people you want to can watch the video
  • Unlisted – Only the people with the video’s link can watch it.
  • Public – Anyone on the internet can watch the video.

Here, since we want to set the video as “Private,” we’ll be selecting “Private.” If you want to keep the video private for now and schedule it to be Public at a later stage, you can do that as well using the “Schedule” option in the Visibility section.

Once you select “Private,” you’ll see the “SHARE PRIVATELY” option – where you can invite the people via email. Here, I’ll be inviting one of my friends and rolling out the invite by email. Enter the email of the invitee(s) and tick-mark “Notify via email.”

Sharing a Private YouTube Video with Someone

As soon as you do, select “Done.”

Now, when you click on “Save,” the invite will be sent to the invitees via email. 

As simple as that! 

You can invite up to 50 invitees to watch a private video. 

I hopped onto YouTube’s “Change Video Privacy Settings” page to further dive deep into this feature – and here’s what you should know:


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You can’t share the private video via URL, nor can you post it on your channel. At the same time, it can’t be commented on, and it doesn’t show up in search.

You can only share the private video by inviting people to watch it.


Uploading and sharing a YouTube video is a piece of cake, especially if you thoroughly followed the steps mentioned in this video.

I hope I was able to clearly help you out. And if I was, don’t forget to share your love by smashing the like button and leaving your valuable comment.