Wondering how to share someone’s contact information on WhatsApp in 2022? While you can go ahead and copy and paste the person’s number and send it over, that’s not the appropriate way of doing so. 

WhatsApp allows its users to share contact information directly from within the platform. 

This means – if one of your friends “Ron” asks you to share another one of your friends “Jack’s” contact information, you don’t really need to head over to your phone’s “My Contact” section, copy Jack’s phone number, paste it on Ron’s chat and hit Enter.

That’s just too much work.

Instead, what you can do is head over to Ron’s WhatsApp chat screen, select “Contact,” look up Jack’s contact and send it over to him.

And the best part is – if Jack is an active WhatsApp user, Ron doesn’t really need to save Jack’s number on his phone. Instead, he can directly communicate with Ron via the contact card’s “Message” option.

To help you better understand how to share WhatsApp contact in 2022, I’ve put together this blog post where I’ll be explaining:

Without further ado, let’s have a look at it straight away.

The Wrong Way of Sharing WhatsApp Contact Information

Let me explain with a quick example. 

One of my friends “Ram” asked me to share another one of my friend’s “Ashish’s” contact details. So – here’s the wrong way of sharing Ashish’s contact information:

The Wrong Way of Sharing WhatsApp Contact Information

What I did here is that I:

  • Hopped onto Ashish’s contact in my phone’s “My Contacts” section
  • Copied Ashish’s phone number
  • Hopped onto Ram’s chat on WhatsApp
  • Pasted Ashish’s number there
  • Sent it over to Ram

Don’t do this. What if Ram wants to communicate with Ashish via WhatsApp and doesn’t really want to save his number? In that case, this method won’t really work.

This is the hard way.

Now, let me show you the smart way of sharing WhatsApp contact in 2022.

How to Share WhatsApp Contact in 2022

To share WhatsApp contact in 2022, the first step is to launch the person’s chat you want to send the contact information over to, click on the “Attach File” or “Plus” icon, select “Contacts,” search and select the contact of the person you want to send over and hit the send button.

To help you gain clarity and whether you are an Android or iOS user, allow me to share the steps you need to follow in both the cases:

How to Share WhatsApp Contact on Android Devices

To share WhatsApp Contact on Android devices, follow these exact steps as mentioned:

First, launch the WhatsApp application on your Android device. Once you do, launch the chat screen of the person who has requested/asked you to share the contact information. 

How to Share WhatsApp Contact on Android Devices

Now, when you’re on their chat tab, click on the “Attach File” icon as mentioned in the above screenshots. You’ll see numerous options in front of you:

  • Document
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Audio
  • Payment
  • Location
  • Contact

To send over the contact information on WhatsApp, click on “Contact.” As soon as you do, you’ll see the long list of contacts on your phone. Look up the name of the person whose contact information you need to send over. You can select one or multiple contacts – depending on the requested information.

Once selected, hit the “Green” button at the bottom of the screen. Again, select the green button at the bottom. As soon as you hit the button, the requested contact information will be sent over.

How to Share WhatsApp Contact on iOS Devices

If you want to share Contact Information on an iOS device, follow the exact steps I have listed:

Launch WhatsApp on your iOS device. Open the chat of the person who has requested the contact information. Click on the “Plus” icon. As soon as you do, you’ll see numerous options, just like you did in Android, which include:

  • Camera
  • Photo & Video Library
  • Payment
  • Document
  • Location
  • Contact
How to Share WhatsApp Contact on iOS Devices

Look up the person’s information requested via the search feature. Once you have selected the contact(s), send them over by clicking on the “Green” button at the bottom of the screen. Again, you need to press the “Green” button at the bottom and the contact information will be shared on WhatsApp.

And this isn’t just the only way of sharing contact information. 

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Now, on the webpage, click on “Create a free wa.link” to create a free link that you can send over to people or share on one of your social media platforms. Using this link, people will be able to communicate with you on WhatsApp.

Now, type in your WhatsApp phone number, add your custom message, and click on “Generate my wa.link.”

How to Create WhatsApp Contact Links via Walink

As soon as you click on “Generate my wa.link,” you will see a short WhatsApp link that you can copy and paste across your social media handles or individually send to people across different platforms. 

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And that’s how you can share WhatsApp contact in 2022. 

Not only can you send these contact cards to individuals, but you can send them over in groups as well. That’s the power of WhatsApp. 

Staying in touch has never been easier, all thanks to WhatsApp.

I hope I was able to help you out. And if I were, don’t forget to smash that like button and leave your valuable comment.