With over 5.27 million subscribers (as of this writing), Danny Gonzalez has established a rock-solid presence on YouTube. According to a prophecy, it has been predicted that Danny’s army called Greg would grow at such a staggering rate that it’d make a completely new number.

And while I don’t think there’s any truth to it – the way Danny’s army has grown on YouTube has been nothing but impressive.

In his early days, Danny rose to fame on the now-discontinued Vine application. He grew from nothing to over three million followers. Unfortunately, the platform was shut down, and Danny had no other choice but to move his operations to YouTube.

And that’s where things got spicy for Danny. As a result of his Troom Troom response videos, we witnessed Danny Gonzalez attracting hundreds of millions of people.

At the same time, he made a name for himself in the music industry with his parody and amusing songs.

Danny’s army has been one of the fastest-growing ones on YouTube. And the record is still maintained to date. It’s so popular that you don’t really need to look it up.

If you are wondering why Danny refers to his fanbase as Greg, then the answer is clear-cut – he just wanted to make fun of “The Jake Paulers Song” video by none other than Jake Paul.

Greg is the army that trusts Danny. Whereas the people that don’t trust him, he often refers to them as “Craig.”

That’s one of the unique points – which makes joining Greg even more exciting.