Wondering how to get dark mode on Snapchat?

Not only does the Dark Mode look cool but it also helps protect from eye strain while using your phone during the night.

So – if you use Snapchat heavily, my advice would be to activate the dark mode instantly – as it’ll help you prevent migraines from long-lasting usage.

But there’s a catch.

Luckily, Apple users can activate it from within the application.

However, that’s not the case for Android users.

Snapchat has been promising Dark Mode for Android for ages now.

But – we’re witnessing them rolling out numerous features, which are not Dark mode. 

But there are a few turnarounds for Android through which you can enable it on your Android device.

In this blog post, we’ll cover:

How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat on iOS Devices in 2022?

iOS users can easily get dark mode on Snapchat from within Snapchat settings. To activate the Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad, head over to App Appearance under Snapchat Settings and set it as “Always Dark.”

Follow these exact steps to enable the dark mode on your Apple device:

Launch Snapchat and log in to your account if you aren’t logged in already.

In the top-left corner, click on your avatar. This will take you to your Snapchat profile.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on iOS Devices?

Now, in the top-right corner, you’ll see the Settings icon. Tap on it to launch Snapchat settings.

Scroll down until you see “App Appearance.” You’ll find it at the bottom of the “My Account” section. Tap on “App Appearance.”

Now, you’ll see three options:

  • Match System
  • Always Light
  • Always Dark

Tap on “Always Dark” to turn it on dark mode.

And you’re done.

Now, you can finally enjoy Snapchat’s legendary dark mode which isn’t available for Android users. 

But don’t worry Android users – I have found a solution for you.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat on Android Devices in 2022?

Unfortunately, Android users can’t activate the Dark mode on Snapchat from within the application. TO activate the dark mode on an Android device, you need to turn override force dark on under Developer options – which will help you forcefully turn the dark mode on.

This solution is only applicable until there’s an official rollout.

NOTE – Snapchat updates its application regularly. So, this fix may not really work by the time you’re using it.

Until then, follow these steps to get dark mode on Snapchat on Android devices:

Step I: Head over to your phone’s settings. In your phone’s settings, select “Display.”

I own a OnePlus 7 Pro – so there are chances that your phone’s settings section may be different from mine.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Android?

Now, I’ll select “Dark Mode.”

Here, you can see the option to turn it on Manually. Turn the dark mode on.

Step II: Your phone’s dark mode settings will have been activated. Now, if you select “Manage apps in dark mode” and try to turn it on for Snapchat, Snapchat’s dark mode will still not have been activated.

Don’t worry, I have a solution. Head over to your phone’s settings again. Scroll all the way down to “About Phone.”

How to Start Developer Mode on Android?

Now, here you can see the “Build Number.” We are trying to turn on the Developer Mode. So – if your developer mode isn’t turned on already, tap on “Build Number” six times continuously. 

Enter your phone’s pin or password to continue. As you do, you will have turned on the developer mode.

Step III: Search and click on “Developer Options.”

Scroll down until you find the “Override force-dark.” Turning this option on will turn on dark mode for all your applications. It’s not recommended to turn it on but if you really want to turn on dark mode, it’s your only option. Activate it.

Android Override force dark

Head over to Snapchat and check if it worked.

I am not guaranteeing that this method works because the Snapchat dev team, at any given point, can roll out an update that stops Android users from turning on dark mode this way.

If it worked for you, that’s great.

If it didn’t, let’s wait for the official Dark mode release together.

There are other ways to turn on Dark mode on Android but they are really complicated and may require you to root your phone. So – I’d advise you to avoid such tactics.


That’s my solution to your question – “how to get dark mode on Snapchat?”

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