If you are an avid Facebook user, you might have come across something called “bump” in recent Facebook comments or in threads. 

If you are wondering what the term “bump” means, you are at the right place.

You might have also noticed that some comment sections have the term “bump” used, while others do not. 

Don’t worry, just like always I’m here to solve the mystery of the magic word “bump”. 

By the end of this post, you will also learn how to get on the bumpy ride and use it effectively to your advantage!

Throughout this post, we’ll be looking at:

What Does the Term “Bump” Mean on Facebook?

Bumping, in its basic sense, means bumping your post on top of the page. 

Urban dictionary defines it as an acronym for “Bring Up My Post”. 

It is a way to hack the Facebook algorithm to make your post popular. People have been using bump as a means to move up their post to the top. This essentially pushes the post to the “new activity” feed.

The “bump” used in a Facebook comment increases user engagement thus making it popular in a group. 

It can also be used to “bump” your post to other users’ feeds. Oftentimes, especially lately, the “bump” comment has also been used to raise awareness on an issue or promote important information. 

In a Facebook group, commenting bump on a post is a move to ensure more group members see it on their feeds. You may also comment bump on someone else’s post if you feel like promoting it. 

How to Use “Bump” Across Different Areas on Facebook?

Now that we know what bump means and what its antics are, here are the different ways to use bump to your advantage. The bump can be used in threads in a Facebook group or to bump a post. Here is how:

Using Bump for Your Posts

As mentioned above, by commenting bump, your post will be moved or “bumped” to the top of the activity feed. Also, it is important to note that bump only works on Facebook groups and the marketplace, which is done through a renewed listing. 

As you might be aware, Facebook has three main tabs to sort out posts on the feed – top posts, new activity, and new posts. The Facebook algorithm works in such a way that top posts will have posts with the most engagement, the new activity is based on new comments and new posts will display the most recent posted posts. 

Since new activity is sorted based on new comments, using bump will ensure it stays on the top. This is the basic hack used behind “bump”.

Using Bump in the Facebook Marketplace

Using bump in the marketplace is slightly different. In the marketplace, you will have to renew your listing. This is a simple way to ensure your listed items stay on top of the feed. 

All you have to do is click on “Your Items”  and select the items you want to be renewed. After this simply click “Renew in marketplace” and you are done. 


As it is evident, “bumping” is an easy way to get more engagement on a particular post. It is also a way by which we can ensure that your post stays fresh and on top.  

Bump on Facebook essentially is a way to tell people on your feed that you are seeking an engagement and would like to create widespread awareness for your post. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get bumping our way to the top!