Wondering what slangs like HMU, KMS, and many others mean on Snapchat?

If you are finding yourself confused when someone uses these slangs on Snapchat, don’t worry. It’s common.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media channels used by millions of people globally. And if you see one of your friends or family members or even a completely random stranger send you these slangs, you may find yourself googling these terms.

What Does Slangs Means on Snapchat

Worse – if you ask them what these terms mean, they may find you to be a Snapchat noobie. Allow me to save you from being called a Snapchat noobie.

Throughout this blog post, I’ll cover:

What Does HMU Mean on Snapchat?

HMU is an abbreviation for “Hit Me Up.” Whenever someone sends you HMU, he/she is asking you to hit them up or establish communication via call, text, or in some cases, face to face. If someone is sending you HMU on Snapchat via text, then that means the person is asking you to give them a call or meet personally.

If you see someone adding a story with the caption as “HMU,” then they are asking their followers/subscribers to hit them up. Maybe, it’s an open invitation to everyone on Snapchat – if they are adding HMU to their story.

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

KMS stands for “Kill Myself.” It doesn’t mean that someone is about to kill themselves. Instead, it’s used by people to show that they are displeased or irritated by someone/something. Maybe, you sent them a bad joke and they’re using KMS as sarcasm to convey it to you how bad your joke was. It may mean something else – however, it varies from person to person.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

GTS is an abbreviation for “Good Times.” At the same time, it can also mean – “Go to Sleep.” Usually, the context of GTS varies from conversation to conversation. If you ask someone how their life is going or send them an old picture, and if they send GTS, then they mean Good Times.

However, if you’re consistently bugging someone with snaps and they send GTS, then that means they are asking you to go to sleep.

What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat?

WCW stands for “Women Crush Wednesday” on Snapchat. It’s a men’s way to show appreciation to their female friends, partners, or celebrities for being great, gorgeous, or sexy.

If someone sends you a WCW on Snapchat, then chances are that they mean Women Crush Wednesday. However, WCW may also mean “World Championship Wrestling.” Again – that varies from conversation to conversation.

What Does WSG Mean on Snapchat?

WSG is an acronym for “What’s Good?” Think of it as just like what’s good or how are you. You may find your friends sending you something like “WSG bruh?” In this case, they just want to know what you’re up to or how you’re doing.

What’s Good can also have multiple meanings. For example, if you are discussing ordering food online and are looking up the menu, then WSG may mean that the person is asking you what’s good on the menu.

What Does ONG Mean on Snapchat?

ONG is similar to OMG (Oh My God) or S2G (Swear to God). The abbreviation stands for “On God” – which also means “I swear to God” or “On God’s Name.”

Usually, ONG is used by Christians based in Western countries. While it’s a commonly used abbreviation among them, make sure that you don’t use it everywhere – as it may offend some people if you don’t use it rightly.

What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

SU stands for “Shut Up.” If someone is sending you SU via Snapchat messenger, then the person you’re chatting with is asking you to shut up. Maybe, it’s casual. Or maybe they are serious. Again – it varies from conversation to conversation.

What Do Other Common Abbreviations Mean on Snapchat?

While the world of social media is flooded with abbreviations or acronyms, some of the most common ones used on Snapchat are:

  • AMOS – Add Me on Snapchat
  • PMOYS – Put Me on Your Snapchat
  • SB – Snap Back
  • SNR – Streaks N Recents
  • FFF – Follow for Follow
  • And more!

I hope I was able to mention the most important Snapchat abbreviations. If you think I missed some of the important ones, don’t forget to mention them in the comment section and I’ll add them to the list.

Thank you for reading!