While scrolling your Facebook feed or marketplace, if you found someone using slangs like “ISO” or “EUC” or “NWT” and are completely clueless about what they mean, you’re at the right place.

While everyday Facebook slangs like “BS,” “LOL,” or “BTW” are really common these days, not many people know what terms like “ISO,” “EUC,” or “NWT” really mean. And you’ll find the Facebook marketplace posts crowded with terms like these.

Allow me to help clear the confusion.

Let’s look at what the above three mean one by one:

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

What Does ISO Mean on Facebook Marketplace

Don’t get overwhelmed by people consistently using the slang “ISO” on the Facebook marketplace. If they are using it, they want to purchase something.

“ISO” stands for “In Search Of.”

Nothing more. Nothing less.

So, if someone is posting:

“Lost my MacBook! ISO of a second-hand one – excellent working condition and should not be more than two years old.”

This means – he/she means that they are in search of a second-hand MacBook.

On other platforms, ISO may mean many other things, but if you see someone using ISO on Facebook, especially in their marketplace posts, then it definitely means “In Search Of.”

What Does EUC Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

What Does EUC Mean on Facebook Marketplace

If you see someone posting:

“Selling my MacBook Air for $500. EUC and 2 years old.”

Wait, what the heck does EUC mean? 

If that’s what you’re wondering, then let me simplify it for you:

“Selling my MacBook Air for $500. Excellent Used Condition and 2 years old.”

EUC stands for “Excellent Used Condition.”

So, if you see someone using the slang “EUC” on the Facebook marketplace the next time, then he/she probably means that the product he/she wants to sell is in Excellent Used Condition.

What Does NWT Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

What Does NWT Mean on Facebook Marketplace

If you see someone using “NWT” on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or marketplaces like eBay, then it’s used by sellers to mention that the item that they are selling is new and is with tags.

NWT stands for “New With Tags.”

This means – the item still has its original tags on, and the seller hasn’t used it much. 

What Does NWOT Mean on Facebook Marketplace

On the other hand, if you are wondering what “NWOT means,” then it’s an abbreviation for “New Without Tags.”

If you see a seller mentioning an item as “NWOT,” then it’s new, but it doesn’t have its original tags on. 

By using NWT, sellers are building trust and increasing the chances of selling their product(s) for a higher price – that’s because buyers are more inclined to buy a product with tags.

However, if the item doesn’t have tags, then buyer may think that the seller is probably lying – but if the buyer is interested, he/she may reach out to the seller for confirmation.

And these are not all the slangs used in the Facebook marketplace.

What Does PPU Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

PPU stands for “Pending Pick Up.” It’s an abbreviation widely used in marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to indicate that the deal has been finalized with a potential buyer and the item is pending pick up. If the buyer does not appear to pick up the item for whatever reason, other potential buyers can reach out to the seller.

This helps sellers avoid going through the trouble of creating another listing and trying to generate interest for second time.  

What are the Most Common Slangs Used on Facebook Marketplace Apart from the Ones We’ve Mentioned Above?

Some other common Facebook marketplace slangs include:

  • Or Best Offer (OBO) – This means the seller is looking for the listed price or the best offer they can get.
  • Want to Buy (WTB) – The person who posted wants to buy the item.
  • Still for Sale (SFS) – The item is still for sale
  • First Come, First Serve (FCFS) – Seller will prioritize selling the item on a First Come, First Serve Basis.
  • First Come, First Available (FCFA) – Seller is making people aware that the sale will mostly be on a First Come, First Available Basis.
  • Listed on Multiple Groups (LOMG) – Seller is informing potential buyers that the item has been listed on multiple groups and can get sold out at any given point in time.
  • One of a Kind (OOAK) – To describe a one-of-a-kind item.
  • Good Used Condition (GUC) – Item is in a good used condition.
  • Broken (BK) – Item is broken.


Even a dictionary won’t be enough for slangs used on Facebook, I guess. But – I think I’ve covered most of the important ones. 

And if you think that there are some important slangs I missed out on, feel free to leave your comment. I’ll update this blog post consistently